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Leigh Gevelinger portrait in nature.

“Leigh Gevelinger is equally de-voted to innovative design and sustainability. “I get to work in this incredible place shaped by water, wind and the sun,” she says. “Resilience isn’t some vague concept. We see the impacts of our harsh coastal environment every day, and we use plants to fix those problems.” With projects in some of the best neighborhoods across Southwest Florida, her Sanibel-based firm, Coastal Vista Design, focuses on incorporating a mix of native species along with Caribbean and subtropical plants to create lasting landscapes that enhance biodiversity.

But her mission to strengthen and stabilize the environment isn’t focused solely in residential areas. Her firm is also invested in beautifying numerous pub-lic space projects including the new BIG ARTS campus and the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum on Sanibel Island, and the Paradise coast Sports Com-plex in Naples.”

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